3 Simple Ways to Uninstall Programs on your Windows PC



In this article, we’ll provide you with 3 simple ways to uninstall your software programs on your Windows PC. This article presents a brief overview of Windows built-in features to uninstall a program and shows you two other third-party tools to uninstall your unwanted programs from your PC.

3 Simple Ways to Uninstall Programs on your Windows PC

So here are the 3 ways you can use to uninstall Programs on your PC.

  1. Uninstall using Windows Control Panel:

    1. Go to Start menu and then select Control Panel.
    2. In Control Panel select Uninstall a program.
    3. Simply click on the software program that you want to remove and select Uninstall.
    4. Click Yes to confirm that you want to uninstall the selected program.
  2. Uninstall using Revo Software:

    Revo is a great freeware program that you can download and install to remove any unwanted program from you PC easily. To simply uninstall a program using Revo follow the below procedures:

    1. Click to open Revo Software and select the Uninstall button at the top left corner.
    2. Revo will automatically detect all the installed programs on your PC. Simply the select your desired program and click to uninstall it. One of the great benefits of using Revo is that – it not only delete the selected program but also remove the left-over files and registry details from your PC. Thus, keeping your Windows and PC clean from unwanted files and folders.
    3. Revo also has a great new feature called the Hunter Mode. Select the “Hunter mode” button and point across onto the icon of the program that you want to remove from your PC.
  3. Uninstall using Norton Power Eraser (best for removing Virus/unknown threats):

    Most of the time, it happens with every new installation that it bring plenty of traditional virus that is neither detected at the time of installation nor remove from your PC during uninstall. With Norton Power Eraser you can remove Potentially Unwanted Programs from your PC but it can also help detect and eliminate the virus threats. Keeping your PC clean and safe for use. Best of all, this tool is totally free to use.

    1. Simply download the tool and click to Run.
    2. This lightweight tool will automatically scan your computer for the most aggressive threats from programs/virus and erased them.


Your Windows requires clean Registry and optimized Hard-disk performance to perform better to achieve smooth working response for your daily tasks. Windows Removal tools – along with these free freeware tools are must achieve a reliable, clean PC that you can always rely on for your daily work in an efficient and secure manner.


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