Top 5 Best Cloud Services to Consider for Personal and Business Needs

Cloud services


Ever wondering which Cloud Services should I choose from that provides me with secure online server-based storage and services, without costing me much, or better totally free?

The answer to this question is Yes, as there are many cloud service providers available that provide you with industry-leading storage capacity, upload/download limit, bandwidth and data protection services.

Best of all these services offers a free trial with a money-back guarantee (if you are not satisfied with their services) and most of these services offers their basic cloud services for free without charging anything extra.

So, here are top 5 best cloud services to choose from.

Top 5 Cloud Services to Consider:

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a pre-installed cloud service that comes free with Windows 10 and Office 365 suite. With Microsoft OneDrive, you will get automatically get 5GB of free space when you signup for the very first time.

Based on the Microsoft Windows server platform it provides excellent data storage, file management features. Moreover, it is available on both Android and Apple iOS platform thus it’s totally compatible with any other non-windows based mobile or system platform, providing you great flexibility in managing your files, photos, video and data securely, totally independently from any system dependency.


One of the most famous cloud services on the internet is DropBox. With DropBox, you will get 2GB of free storage space upon signup. However, if you are interested in more storage space than its flexible storage plans starting from US $8.25/per month offers you a 1000 GB of storage space, enough to handle your almost all data requirements.

Available on Linux, Windows and Mac platform, DropBox is an ideal platform for your individual or professional needs. Considering the factor of the most competitive price that it offers in the cloud services industry, coupled with its features of offering data backup services, it’s definitely one of the best cloud services available.


iDrive is one of the newest cloud services that provides tons of features, with a fraction of a cost. With its free plan, you can get storage space of up to 5GB, whereas with its paid plans provides two storage space options that provide 250 and 500 GB plan to choose from, starting at a price of US$74.62/per month.

iDrive offers one of the best encryption technologies in the cloud services and offers you an additional built-in feature of public and private keys to let you secure your data and access it securely through any means of communications – in public or private networks.


Egnyte is designed for professional and organizational institutions where data encryptions, priority access and employee data tracking and secure communication is the utmost important. Egynte fulfills such a gap by offering all of these services in a complete end-to-end solutions package that not only offers the best in cloud services but also in terms of the features that it provides.

Starting with a price plan of 5TB of data at the cost of $8 per month per employee. It offers many different business plans that suit any business or organization personal preferences or requirements. If you are into business, then we highly recommend you to consider Egnyte.

G Suite

When we talk about the internet services, no name stands much higher than Google. Google G Suite is one such excellent cloud service offer by the Internet giant. G Suite is designed for both individual users and for business organizations. it offers excellent Google cloud storage system architecture platform that provides seamless functionality, extremely reliable cloud computing platform.

Starting with a free plan of 10 Gb, it provides 30GB of data storage space at US$5/per month or an unlimited storage space at US$10 per month.


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