With the news that Facebook is planning to merge Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram it could be time to look for some other good alternatives to messaging apps. Here’s our pick of the Top 4:

1. Signal

Signal is an Open Source messaging app that offers a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience. Similar to WhatsApp, Signal messages and calls are always end-to-end encrypted and painstakingly engineered to keep your communication safe.

With Signal you can send high-quality group, text, voice, video, document, and picture messages anywhere in the world without SMS or MMS fees.

iOS | Android

2. Viber

With a variety of calling and messaging features, Viber offers endless options when it comes to expressing yourself. Viber free and secure calls and messaging features, along with tens of thousands of stickers and GIFs options that are available for every possible expression.

With Viber, you can record quick-send video and voice messages to capture the moment and its enhanced security features offer end-to-end encryption and high-quality HD calling experience for a much-needed face-to-face conversation.

iOS | Android

3. Telegram

Telegram is a pure instant messaging that offers simple, fast, and secure user experience across all your devices. In March 2018, Telegram reached 200 million active monthly users, making it one of the most popular messaging apps outside of China.

First released in 2013 by the Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov, Telegram is popular in countries such as Iran and Russia where governments have attempted to ban it several times.

iOS | Android


LINE messaging app lets you share photos, videos, voice messages, contacts, and location information quickly and offers over 10,000 stickers and emoticons to Jazz Up your chatting experience.

Launched in Japan in 2011, Line is popular in Asia. The initial versions of the app didn’t include default end-to-end encryption, but was added later in 2016.

LINE is available for a variety of smartphone devices including (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Nokia) and even your PC.

iOS | Android

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